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§ 1
Szlichtyngowa Municipal Statute defines:
1. Municipal Szlichtyngowa system.
2. The internal organization and mode of operation of the City Council in Szlichtyngowa.
3. The principles and mode of operation of the Audit Committee.
4. The rules for creating, connecting, sharing and the abolition of units
ancillary and auxiliary power units to conduct
financial management within the municipal budget.
5. Principles of clubs councilors.
6. The principle of public access to documents of the City Council and Szlichtyngowa
its committees.
7. Position of local government workers, whose employment
based on appointment.

§ 2
Whenever the Municipal Statute Szlichtyngowa mentions:
1. Municipality - it should be understood Szlichtyngowa Municipality.
2. Council - shall mean the Town Council in Szlichtyngowa.
3. Commission - shall mean the City Council committees
4. Audit Commission - shall mean the Audit Committee of the City Council in Szlichtyngowa.
5. Chairman of the Council - shall mean the President of the City Council in Szlichtyngowa.
6. Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Secretary and treasurer - should be properly understood by the Mayor and Municipal Szlichtyngowa, Deputy Mayor and Municipal Szlichtyngowa, Secretary and Treasurer Szlichtyngowa Municipal Council.
7. Office - shall mean the Municipal Council Szlichtyngowa.
8. Statute - it means the Statute of the Municipality Szlichtyngowa.

§ 3
1. Residents of the Municipality Szlichtyngowa formed under the laws of the municipal community
local government, appointed to the organization of public life in their
2. For residents of municipalities shall be persons who, in accordance with the Act
have in its area of residence permanently or temporarily.

§ 4
1.Gmina perform public tasks on its own behalf and on their own
2. The municipality has a legal personality.
3. Municipal autonomy is protected by the courts.

§ 5
1. The commune is situated in the County Wschowskim, Lubuskie Province.
2. The municipality covers an area of 99.7 km2.
3. Map determines the boundaries of municipalities acting in Annex 1 to the Statute.
4. The territory of the Municipality consists of the following locations:
1) City Szlichtyngowa
2) village Dryżyna
3) village Gola
4) the village with the settlement of Forest Górczyn
5) village Jędrzychowice
6) village Kowalewo
7) village of New Spars
8) Small village spar
9) The old village spar
10 / village Wyszanów
11 / village Zamysłów

§ 6
The seat of the Municipality is the town authorities Szlichtyngowa.

§ 7
Municipal coat of arms of the city is Szlichtyngowa - an image pair of stag horns, on a red background. Crest pattern specified in Annex 2 of the Statute.

§ 8
Municipal Residents take a decision on universal suffrage, through elections and referendum and through the authorities of the District. Municipal authorities may consult residents through consultation.

§ 9
1. The referendum shall be conducted at the initiative of the City Council or at the request of 10% of the population eligible to vote.
2. In matters of self-taxation of citizens for public purposes and to appeal the City Council before the expiration of the term shall be settled exclusively by the referendum.
3. Referendum on the appeal of the City Council before the expiration of the term shall be carried out only on request of local residents, but not earlier than after 12 months from the date of the election or the date of the last referendum on the appeal of the Municipality and not later than 6 months before the expiration of the term.
4. The referendum may be conducted on any other property of the District.
5. Conduct of the referendum and its result set designated for that purpose committees.
6. The referendum is valid if it was attended by at least 30% of those eligible to vote.

§ 10
1. Any person whose legal interest or right has been violated by resolution or ordinance made by the Municipal authority in the field of public administration can - after an unsuccessful call to remove the offending - bring a resolution or order of the Supreme Administrative Court.
2. Right does not apply if the administrative court has already ruled, and dismissed.
3. Action on a resolution or ordinance referred to in point. 1 can be made to the administrative court on its own behalf or representing a group of local residents, who did give their written consent.

§ 11
The provisions of § 10 shall apply mutatis mutandis when the Municipal Authority is not engaged in any activity prescribed by law or by legal action taken or actual prejudice to the rights of third parties.
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