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Monday, 14 August 2006 01:28


§ 106
The municipality may be formed auxiliary units - village councils.

§ 107
1. The creation of auxiliary unit followed by resolution of the Council.
2. Resolution on the establishment of ancillary units should specify:
1) area
2) boundaries,
3) established authorities,
4) the name of the auxiliary
5) date of creation of the unit.
3. Mileage auxiliary unit boundaries should take into account the natural characteristics of space, communication and social bonds.

§ 108
1. Other villages can be created on the initiative:
1) Council
2) Mayor
3) 10 people have the right to elect the Council of the area that this unit has a cover.
2. The proposal on the establishment of village councils should contain the information specified in § 109 paragraph 2 and justification.
3. Council creates village councils for approval of the majority population have the right to elect to the Council from the area in which the parish is to be created.
4. Residents referred to in paragraph 3 shall consent to the creation of village councils in writing. The date, place and manner of speaking residents on the creation of village councils determine the Mayor.

§ 109
1. For connecting and sharing of auxiliary units, the provisions of the Statute for their creation.
2. Council removes an auxiliary unit at the request of:
1) The legislative body of auxiliary unit,
2) Mayor
3) 1 / 4 of the statutory composition of the Council.

§ 110
Council office keeps a record of auxiliary units.

§ 111
1. Municipal Support Units may lead financial management within the Municipality of the budget on the basis of annual financial and in kind, as adopted by the Council / attachment to the budget resolution.
2. Municipal Support Units managed by its own dedicated resources available to them, allocating them to carry out its statutory obligations.

§ 112
1. The audit of financial management of auxiliary exercises Municipal Treasurer and submit the information in this respect the Mayor.
2. The support units are subject to supervision by the Municipality under the terms of the statutes of these bodies.

§ 113
1. Chairman of the executive body of auxiliary unit may participate without vote in the Council, in particular:
1) participate in the sessions of the Council,
2) submit proposals
3) perform certain tasks under the mandate of the Council,
4) participate in the initiatives uchwałodawczych,
5) speak about the matters to the substance of draft resolutions
6) speak of other matters dealt with in the session.
2. President of the auxiliary unit of the executive is entitled to participate in sessions and meetings mayors diet as defined by the Council.
3. Chairman of the executive body of the auxiliary entity, delegated
on a business trip, enjoy a diet and reimbursement of travel expenses under the terms of the employees.
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