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§ 114
Councillors Councillors can form clubs, hereinafter referred to as "clubs", according to the criteria adopted by them.

§ 115
1. Condition for the creation of the club is to declare part in it for at least five councilors.
2. The emergence of the club must be immediately reported to the President of the Council.
3. The notification shall indicate:
1) the name of the club
2) a list of members
3) the name of the chairman of the club.
4. If you change the composition of the club or its solution chairman of the club is obliged to immediately inform the President of the Council.

§ 116
Affiliation councilors to clubs is voluntary.
1. Clubs operate through the term of office of the Council.
2. Clubs may be subject to earlier termination pursuant to the decisions of its members taken in the presence of an absolute majority, at least half the members of the club.
3. Clubs are subject to termination by resolution of the Council, when the number of their members falls below five.

§ 117
Clubs operate exclusively within the Council.

§ 118
The work of organizing clubs, club chairman elected by the members of the club.

§ 119
1. Clubs may enact their own regulations.
2. Rules clubs can not be inconsistent with the Statute of the Commune.
3. The President of the clubs are obliged to immediately submit to the President of the Council Regulations clubs.
4. Order paragraph 3 shall also apply to changes in regulations.

§ 120
1. Wnioskodawcze clubs shall have the power and consultative in the organization and functioning of the Council.
2. Clubs may submit their views at a session of the Council only by their representatives.
3. Appointment of audit committee members.

§ 121
At the request of the chairmen of clubs mayor is obliged to provide premises for meetings of clubs.

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